100 Thieves Hub

For the launch of their new merch drop, 100 Thieves wanted to become the first eSports organization put inside of Fortnite. To turn this ambitious idea into a reality, we built a realistic recreation of the 100 Thieves Cash App compound. So that it wouldn’t feel out of place, we also included a Fortnite spin in certain parts, merging the real world and Fortnite flawlessly.

Between November 24th and 30th of 2020, this build was used as the official Fortnite Creative hub. Millions of players load into Fortnite Creative every day, and during this week-long period they all spawned in the 100 Thieves compound.

For the first time, custom images were imported into Fortnite to display the new 100 Thieves merchandise. These images are somewhat limiting, so we also used current assets by combining hundreds of small building pieces for an impressive recreation of the 100 Thieves logo. Players could also complete a custom quest inside of the hub which involved members of 100 Thieves. As part of a social media campaign, players who completed the quest could share a screenshot on Twitter to be entered into a giveaway with a chance to win the new 100 Thieves merchandise.

For players who wanted a little more action, we also created a 100 Thieves themed box fight which millions of players loaded into from the hub.

Island Code: 8234-9954-8560

Client100 ThievesServicesCustom Map CreationYearNov. 2020

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