AMD Hub and Maps

For the launch of a new generation of AMD processors and graphics cards, we created a series of Fortnite Creative maps. The first was a hub which players could use to connect to all the other experiences. On one map, a highly realistic Radeon RX 6000 was created using thousands of pieces so that players could see a model of the card in-game before it was even publicly available. To keep players engaged, we also created an AMD themed deathrun and battle arena for players to compete in.

The AMD hub was featured in-game allowing millions of players to experience the maps inside. To further promote the maps, we also created a 1-minute trailer that was published to the social media accounts of AMD and Fortnite.

Island Code: 8651-9841-1639 (AMD Hub)

ClientAMDServicesCustom Map CreationYearOct. 2020

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