Balenciaga “Strange Times”

Epic Games partnered with Beyond to create a Balenciaga themed creative hub as part of the Balenciaga x Fortnite collaboration. Players who loaded into Fortnite Creative during the week of this collaboration were greeted with a dreamlike city full of twisty and distorted buildings towering over them and a Balenciaga store directly in front. Above the store, a massive screen displayed a Fortnite animation as a tie into the real world. This same video could be seen on a screen in New York City’s Times Square, and other major cities around the world.

To make the Balenciaga store stand out among the dreamlike buildings, we gave it a realistic design. Inside the store, complete with a raw architecture aesthetic, players could purchase Balenciaga in-game cosmetics. Players could earn additional cosmetics created for the collaboration by collecting Balenciaga shoes hidden around the hub.

Self-expression is central to Balenciaga’s brand, so players were encouraged to express their style by taking creative pictures inside the hub to post on social media. Some of the best pictures were then imported into the game and displayed on billboards hanging from the city buildings.

Overall, this was a highly artistic and imaginative project. It stands out among other Fortnite Creative builds for its ambitious design which is rarely attempted due to difficulties that come with creating curved structures.

Together with this experience:
– Epic released 4x Balenciaga outfits
– Balenciaga Quest where players had to collect 40x Triple S Shoes in the Welcome Hub.
– Balenciaga launched a Fortnite appearal collection

ClientBalenciagaServicesCustom Map CreationYearSep. 2021

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