Chipotle – Farm to Foil

Chipotle saw the potential of Fortnite to tell their story of fresh and healthy food in a new and interactive way. We created the Farm to Foil Speedrun, a timed simulation where players collect fresh ingredients from a farm, create a burrito inside of a Chipotle restaurant, and then deliver that burrito to a city apartment.

This map took advantage of Fortnite’s new, larger islands to build an experience with multiple distinct environments. For the farm, we used futuristic styled buildings to emphasize sustainability. Despite Fortnite Creative not having a built-in terrain tool, we were still able to create rolling hills for the farm using advanced building techniques. For the city, we managed to create something that was both large and immersive without hindering performance and limiting resources from other parts of the build. We made sure to include a lot of detail in the Chipotle restaurant so that it would look and feel just like the real thing.

Players were encouraged to share screenshots and videos from the map on social media for a chance to win a year of free Chipotle.

Island Code: 2269-6713-0190

ClientChipotleServicesCustom Map CreationYearOct. 2021

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