Fortnite x Pelé Football Mode

When Epic Games collaborated with 23 soccer teams from around theWorld to create new in-game Fortnite cosmetics, they entrusted Beyond to create a one-of-a-kind soccer gamemode to promote the launch.

To create this mode, we built a massive stadium with billboards advertising the different teams. On the field, players competed in a soccer tournament. Instead of following the regular rules of soccer, we reimagined the game to make it as engaging as possible for Fortnite. We made the soccer ball larger, redesigned the field to include boost pads and other obstacles, and added power ups and random events.

We also created a trailer which was shared on Fortnite’s socials. This mode was played over one million times.

Island Code: 9012-6909-9710

ClientEpic GamesServicesCustom Map CreationYearJan. 2021

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