The Honda HR-V Parkour Run

For this activation BeyondCreative worked with Honda to bring their Honda HR-V to life in Fortnite Creative. In this experience, players would parkour around the Honda HR-V, which was the largest realistic recreation of a car ever made! Honda is also the first car manufacturer to build a branded experience in Fortnite Creative.

Along with the experience, Beyond was in charge of designing the Key Art render.

Throughout the development of this experience, SypherPK held a WIP Stream where we worked on parts of the map, selected photo-opt screenshot areas and built the SypherPK Lounge. He later held another stream where he played the map with his viewers trying to complete it the fastest he could.

Island Code: 9861-7059-3574

ClientHondaServicesCustom Map CreationYearJuly 2022

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