NVIDIA 30 Series Sniper VS Runners

To promote Nvidia’s new 30-series laptops, we created a Snipers vs. Runners mode using a giant model of a laptop as the gameplay area. Players were able to walk around the laptop screen which was a 3D environment rather than a flat display image. This highly detailed playing space was built to look amazing for players who use Nvidia’s RTX tech which improves graphics and is available with 30-series laptops.

We also created powerups that embodied features on the 30-series laptops so that players could seamlessly learn about them during gameplay. For example, to represent Nvidia’s DLSS technology that provides a performance boost, players who collected the power up received a speed boost.

This map was featured in the Fortnite Creative welcome hub where it received millions of plays and we produced a trailer to promote the map which was posted on the socials of Fortnite and Nvidia. To create further attention for the map, players were encouraged to post screenshots of the in-game laptop on social media to enter a giveaway.

Island Code: 9346-0375-1086

ClientNVIDIAServicesCustom Map CreationYearMar. 2021

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