For the announcement of Nvidia’s new 3080 Ti graphics card, we created a titanium themed city with a massive recreation of the 3080 TI in the middle. Using the titanium color scheme not only fit with the name and look of the GPU, but it also served to showcase the detailed reflections Nvidia’s RTX technology brings.

To draw players into the map, we created an engaging gun game mode in the titanium environment. Miniature models of the 3080 Ti were scattered around the map as power ups that seamlessly informed players of various Nvidia technologies while they played. For instance, to showcase Nvidia Reflex, which prevents the noticeable delays which occasionally occur between frames, we created a power up which removed reload time on weapons so that players could continuously shoot.

The map was featured in the Fortnite Creative welcome hub and we created a trailer which was posted to both Fortnite and Nvidia’s socials. Additionally, players were encouraged to post screenshots of the map on social media.

Island Code: 1866-3511-4211

ClientNVIDIAServicesCustom Map CreationYearMar. 2021

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