Nvidia RTX Deathrun

When Nvidia launched their new RTX tech in Fortnite, which enhances performance and graphics, they reached out to Beyond to help showcase the full potential of this technology. We created a breathtaking deathrun that pushed Fortnite to its limits to demonstrate the power of RTX. With 3 distinctive environments each showcasing one of the RTX features, players were able to easily grasp the benefits of RTX. A realistic model of Nvidia’s newest generation graphic card was also created in game, allowing players to view it in a 3D environment.

A social media campaign was run alongside this map where players were encouraged to share their speedrun time and screenshots of the map with #RTXDeathrun, entering them into a giveaway.

To promote this map, we created a 1-minute trailer that was published to the social media accounts of Nvidia and Fortnite, and it was also featured in the Fortnite Creative hub. The map received millions of unique plays.

Island Code: 2623-0157-9251

ClientNVIDIAServicesCustom Map CreationYearNov. 2020

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