Verizon Superbowl Maps

At a time when most could not attend in person events, we brought the Superbowl to Fortnite so that everyone could experience it. In collaboration with Verizon and the NFL, we reimagined Raymond James Stadium in Fortnite Creative as the Verizon 5G Stadium.

Rather than doing a 1:1 recreation, we embraced the endless possibilities of Fortnite to make something truly memorable. To capture the tropical nature of Tampa Bay, we incorporated palm trees, waterfalls, and rock formations into the stadium. We also rebuilt the iconic pirate ship from Raymond James Stadium and had it hover above the middle of the field. Players would not be as engaged if the stadium felt out of place, so we were careful in our design to create something that was new without abandoning the Fortnite art style. Custom images were also imported into the game for this build, and brand logos were accurately recreated by combining hundreds of small building pieces. This stadium was incredibly ambitious and unlike anything ever done in Fortnite Creative previously. Many advanced techniques had to be used to create a build that was both massive and detailed without running out of memory.

Altogether we created six different versions of the stadium to house the many activities for players to experience. One stadium was used as the official Fortnite Creative hub between the 1st and 9th of February 2021 with over 40 million total visits. Within this hub, players could load into the other five versions of the stadium, each of which contained a unique experience including a hoverboard race and a deathrun. Despite the limitation of not being able to use weapons in modes inside of the stadium, we were still able to create fun and engaging minigames that were played by millions.

A large social media campaign was used to promote this project. For the week that the stadium was live, videos were shared by the social media accounts of Fortnite, Verizon, NFL players, and famous Fortnite content creators. These videos included a one-minute trailer we created and a Verizon 5G commercial featuring Beyond members and the building process of the stadium. On Twitch, a livestream of NFL players and famous Fortnite content creators going head-to-head in the stadium minigames was viewed by 3 million people.

Island Codes:
Stadium Creative Hub: ???
Stadium Scramble (Exploration Mode): 5926-8650-7282
Blitz Course (Deathrun):
Rush Track (Hoverboard Race): 7004-2968-8491
Shipwreck Showdown (Box Fight): 5584-5652-5688
Coverage Contest (Turf Wars): 4673-6103-0680

ClientVerizon & NFLServicesCustom Map CreationYearJan. 2021

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